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Raqcop 2.1.1-rc2 can be downloaded here:
http://downloads.raqcop.com/cobalt_ipcop/. When 2.1.1 becomes stable, you
will NOT be able to upgrade RC2 to stable so make a good backup of what you
have running first if you are going to wipe your current install with this.

This is for testing purposes and I need feedback on the system and network
graphs which employ modifications to slope the scales eg, if the system is
using only 20% cpu it does not show the entire scale to 100%. Similar
sloping is employed to all the network and system graphs. Hourly graphs are
added as well. Especially of concern is the translations I had to add.

Note: The addition of a link quality graph may require hand editing in the
makegraphs script if your isp gateway does not allow pinging. In

You will see lines 696 and 697 as such:

my $LQ_GATEWAY="$remoteip"; # Your ISP's Gateway, Comment Out if Not
#my $LQ_GATEWAY="$remoteip2"; # Google DNS, Uncomment if ISP Gateway Not

If you aren't getting anything but lost packets, it likely means that your
isp gateway is not pingable. Comment out line 696 and uncomment line 697.
Line 697 refers to a function on line 54 which reads: my $remoteip2 =
""; # Google DNS
This can be changed to anything you desire to measure ping time to.

Also added is that the script I always included which updates both the pci
and usb ids, can now be set in the scheduler.

Everything else that IPCop 2.1.1-rc2 brings also applies here. If you are
going to run urlfilter I recommend a 450mhz machine with at least 384MB of

2.1.0-rc2 and 2.1.1-rc2 updates are available as a pair in the downloads
section as well. These will have to be manually uploaded. If you go this
route, be sure to make a backup while you are still running 2.0.6 as you
will need to do a fresh install of either 2.0.4 and run all the updates or
2.1.1 when it is released.

Upon release, the 2.1.0/2.1.1 update pair will be be available via the
normal channels. If you are running 2.0.6 and you do these updates, you will
need to copy the values from /sbin/lcd.old to /sbin/lcd and the run 'lcd -
loop > /dev/null 2>&1 &'. If you do a backup after installing this update
and editing the lcd program, you will be able to do a clean install with the
2.1.1 cd and use this backup with no further intervention. This program
should not update often in Raqcop. This time it was necessary due to syntax
changes in newer versions of ifconfig.

Cobalt Raq550 running Raqcop (IPCop for Cobalts) 2.1.9
Pentium III 1.26ghz 1GB ram
16x2 White Oled Display
2 UDMA CF to IDE adapters Raid1.
2 Transcend Ind Grade CF cards 512MB.
Actiontec GT701 ADSL Modem in Bridge Mode.

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